We pride ourselves on the wide variety of class styles we offer here at Harvest. All classes are accessible to all levels of practitioner - you decide which ones work best for your needs and motivations. If you're unsure as to which class styles to try, please reach out and we'd be more than happy to discuss our classes with you in further detail; we also do Private Yoga Classes for anyone wanting more one-on-one work. For those unfamiliar with our classes, we've grouped the most similar styles on the same branches - so if you're familiar with one or two names, you'll have a good idea of how the other classes on those branches will go. For full class descriptions and room temperatures, click on the name for each leaf in the diagram below, or scroll down for more information

First Time FAQ

Did you know we offer Private Yoga Classes?

  • Private yoga classes are an amazing tool for absolutely everyone. None of us are perfect, and despite our best efforts, we will struggle at times in class. Sometimes the challenge is due to injury; other times the challenge is building strength or learning to understand the movement or intention behind a posture.
  • Having a private yoga class with a teacher is a great way to get feedback on your postures. It's not about 'fixing' them (there's nothing to fix). It's about providing you with the information you need to move through your class as safely as possible. 
  • Perhaps you're working harder than you need to. Perhaps you're unintentionally misaligned. Perhaps you think you know what a posture is all about, but it just doesn't feel right. Perhaps there are areas in your body you'd like to improve mobility, but you don't know where to begin.
  • Private classes can help with all of these things. We want to do everything in our power to prevent injury and to maximize your yoga experience and knowledge. 
  • Ask us about a Private Class next time you're in! We'd love to work with you on whatever your needs are.

Class FAQ

  • Q: I'm a beginner. Is there any class I can't do? 
  • All of our classes are for all levels of practitioners. This doesn't mean that all classes are easy, and it doesn't mean that you'll be able to do every single posture 'perfectly'. You'll be challenged in some way in every class - mentally or physically. Part of building up a yoga practice is learning when to ease back from a pose and when to breathe into a pose. It's a balance. Your yoga is about you navigating that balance. So no, there's no class you can't do. There will be some postures in a class that you can't do... yet. But that's a good thing! You do what you can, and you rest when you need, and eventually over time, maybe you'll be able to do a little more. But first and foremost, try to approach your practice with kindness and empathy. And try to let go of your expectations! It's not about doing every pose. It's about connection.
  • Q: I'm a beginner. Which class should I do first? 
  • We get this question all the time. Honestly, which class you do is entirely up to you and what you're looking for at the studio. In short, if you'd like to relax in a dark room with very little movement, and calm music, you'll be very pleased with our more passive classes: Yin Yoga, Yin & Nidra, Shauna's Hatha, or Restorative. If you'd like a strong, active, focused class that will build physical strength, while trying to calm the mind and connect to the body, you'd be more interested in our active classes: 26&2, Fusion, Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa, or Grounding.
  • Q: What should I do to prepare for class?
  • Hydrate and eat something - but not too much. Being hydrated is essential to sweating, which will make you feel cooler in the heated classes. Hydration will also prevent headaches from dehydration if you are sweating a lot. Generally, it's a good idea to drink a litre of water about an hour or so before you practice. Same with food. Practicing a yoga class on an empty stomach can make some people feel dizzy or light-headed. Eating something light about an hour or so before class gives enough time for your body to process the food so that it's not sitting in the belly. It'll help give you energy for whatever class you're taking. But remember: you know your body best. These are just suggestions, and they aren't universal for everyone. Sometimes it takes a little experimentation to figure out what your body needs. And it can be different every day. 
  • Q: What should I bring to class?
  • If you have a mat and yoga towel, you can bring those. If you don't, we supply them (along with a shower towel) to new practitioners who either drop-in, or who purchase the Welcome Membership. Bring a water bottle. If you're taking an active yoga class, we'd recommend bringing a change of clothes. If blocks or straps are to be used in a class, we will provide them, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have them.
  • Q: Do I need to pre-register for class?
  • Short answer: No. You can just show up to attend class, which some people like to do because perhaps their day is a bit uncertain and they aren't sure they'll be able to make it. Longer answer: If you know for sure you want to come take class, it's a good idea to pre-register. We are maintaining 2 meters distancing between yoga mats in the practice rooms, which means that space is currently limited to 22 people per class. Pre-registering is the only way we can guarantee you a space in the room. If you choose not to pre-register, we recommend arriving at the studio 15 minutes early to best ensure we'll be able to get you into class.
  • Q: What happens if I pre-register for class, but then I don't come?
  • If you are pre-registered for a class and you cannot attend, cancellations need to happen 2-hours before the start of class, to provide enough time for someone else to sign-up and participate. Any cancellations after this 2-hour window will be subject to a drop-in charge of $22. Cancellations cannot be made via email or phone. You must take yourself out of class via our website or the MindBody App in order to successfully cancel your registration. 
  • Q: I have an appointment right as class is scheduled to end. Can I leave class early?
  • We ask that you stay for the entirety of the class. For each class, the teacher has specifically curated the postures in a specific order to ensure maximum opening, strengthening, and balance. Leaving early might mean that you leave imbalanced, which can be hard on the body over time. Leaving early can also be quite disruptive for your fellow practitioners in the space. Please stay for the duration of class. 

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