Ashtanga Flow


The Class

This is a physical form of yoga which synchronizes breath and movement through a precise series of movements called the Primary Series. This class is done in a warm to hot room where the teacher will guide you through your practice. Here at Harvest, we offer 60, 75, and 90 minutes Ashtanga classes, so depending on class length, select sections of postures from the Primary Series are taught, while others are omitted. As such, each Ashtanga class will have the same skeletal structure, where the same postures are still taught in the same order, but the teacher omits some postures of their choosing. Because of this, once you take a few Ashtanga classes, you will have a basic expectation of how the class typically goes, but each class might be slightly different than the time before. Like the other 'Flow' classes, each movement has an associated breath, and vice versa. One posture will take you into the next, which takes you into the next, and so on. There are no moments in the class when you're 'out of' a pose - stillnesses take place when a posture is held for a few cycles of breath, before you make your way into the next posture.

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Teacher and Practitioner

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