Power Vinyasa Flow


An invigorating practice that will challenge, build strength and core stability, and stretch your body. Within this practice there are modifications and variations. The yoga sequence includes sun salutations, standing, seated, balancing and twisting poses, and will include fun arm balances and inversions. Get ready to have fun, play with your edges, and discover your full potential!

The Class

The Teachers

Pauline Brunnen

Owner, teacher, and practitioner

Pauline is the sixth of seven children in her family and was born and raised in Alberta. Growing up in Bragg Creek before moving to Calgary, Pauline is in love with being outside. Camping and exploring in the forests and mountains of our beautiful province with her big family, and learning to ski at the age of 3, she is adventurous by nature, and is always up for new challenges. Keeping in line with adventure and excitement, Pauline’s post-secondary education began in the Theatre program at Mount Royal College. Never shying away from the limelight, those who know her well are not at all surprised that Pauline wanted to be an actor. After moving to Vancouver, she realized the acting life just wasn’t for her. Her next adventure took her to Ireland for a year, where she worked as a barmaid, while backpacking Europe for stints at a time. Pauline returned to Alberta and received her BFA with Great Distinction from the U of L. Pauline’s desire to help and be of service motivated her to go into pre-veterinary studies, again at the U of L, while also receiving hands-on knowledge volunteering at the Lethbridge Humane Society, and spending her available time with the great team at Coaldale Pet Clinic and doing ride-along herd healths with the wonderful veterinarians out of Livestock Veterinary Services in Picture Butte. It is in this time period Pauline began practicing yoga, realizing very quickly that the idea of becoming a yoga teacher would offer everything she had been searching for – the physical adventure, the ability to be of service, the feeling of belonging to a big family and the support that goes with that, and the constant talking required of a teacher (at which she seemed to be so naturally adept). Once her mind was made up, she headed off to her first training – Bikram Yoga in LA, Spring of 2014. Subsequently, she followed up with her Level One from Baron Baptiste the following spring in Arizona, and her first Yin training in the summer of 2015 in Calgary. In January of 2018, Pauline completed a second Yin training, and became Buti certified in February 2018 in Banff. Although Pauline can’t get most of her family members to practice yoga when they visit, her boyfriend, Cam, can be seen around the studio all the time, and she enjoys doing yoga with their dog at home – when Tank isn’t falling asleep on her mat. Pauline is thrilled to be part-owner of Harvest Yoga Studio with Jess, and is looking forward to future adventures together as business partners and lovers of yoga.

Kendall Bowes

Teacher and practitioner

I was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, a suburb in eastern Toronto. I grew up playing soccer, basketball, volleyball and competed in track and field and cross country. Movement brings me out of my head - I have a tendency to overthink. I feel like my truest self when I’m moving my body and I crave “in the flow” experiences. This love of movement brought me to the University of Western Ontario to study Kinesiology. While playing soccer at Western, I was looking for a way to loosen up my tight hips and ankles, as well as prevent future injuries - chronic ankle sprainer here! That lead me to Moksha Yoga London back in 2007. It was love at first sweat! My practice continues to reveal my inner workings and has gifted me tools to navigate life’s ebbs and flows. Yoga is definitely the yin to my yang and helps me maintain harmony in my life. Specifically, pulling me away from school teaching into following this path full time. The practice keeps my body in line for playing football, getting my butt kicked at Orange Theory and hiking in the mountains. But, as many yogis do, I came for the physical benefits but have developed a dedicated practice for the mental benefits as well. I am motivated to share the teachings of yoga and completed my first teacher training, 500 hours with Moksha/Modo Yoga, in Kelowna in July 2015. I currently have over 700 hours of yoga teacher training, having most recently trained with Ryan Leier and One Yoga. I am looking forward to learning more and passionately sharing with this amazing community. Namaste.

Claire Cameron

Teacher and practitioner

More about Claire coming soon

Shauna Gregus

Teacher and practitioner

If you met Shauna 10 years ago you may have laughed if told she was going to be a yoga teacher in a few short years. Into music and teenage brooding, yoga wasn’t even on the radar. Growing up she had a passion for sports, playing volleyball, basketball, badminton and softball, but never discovered yoga until after university! While trying to decide on a direction to move after graduating, she came to a Bikram yoga class here at the studio a few months after it opened. She was hooked! It filled the gap in her life she didn’t even realize was there. Diving head first into a dedicated practice she found yoga was helping to slowly undo the years of impact she’d already experienced. Realizing that the human body was so incredible and addicted to the sensations in her own opening body she realized this was the path for her. She was given the opportunity to learn to teach the Bikram style from an experienced teacher at the studio, followed shortly after with a trip to India in November 2016 to complete Vinyasa Yoga’s 200HR hatha/vinyasa training. Another mind-opening experience! In September 2018 she completed a 50HR yin training with Bernie Clark, and is interested in pursuing yoga therapy in the future. Yoga has been a light in her life, helping her physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and that is the offering she hopes to bring to you in your practice.

Shonna Lamb

Teacher and practitioner

Her yoga mat is a place that reminds her of the Choose Your Own Adventure books from when she was a kid. Sometimes it reveals much, sometimes it offers straight up play and joy, sometimes it humbles her. She has been blessed with teachers who illuminated how to strive living open to grace and gratitude, filled with awe and wonder, on and off the mat.

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