Slow Flow & Nidra


The Class

Our Slow Flow class is a very gentle, non-heated flow class. Similar postures to our other 'Flow' classes can be found in this one, but the main difference here is the longer holds, the deeper stretches, and the slow approach to opening up the body before we transition onto our back for the Nidra portion of the class. Think of this flow like a great bridge between the passive Yin and the active Vinyasa. Yoga Nidra is a specific guided meditation. Following a similar structure each time, the Nidra practice is one of complete physical stillness as the teacher guides you through a body scan before turning your attention inward. A great practice to help with relaxation, your Nidra practice provides space for you to connect to your inner self as we quiet the mind and focus on our deepest heartfelt desires (sankalpas). This practice is for everybody, and you cannot practice Yoga Nidra incorrectly. Bring your most comfortable clothes, blanket, eye pillow, crystals, intentions, journal, etc…

The Teachers


Owner, teacher, and practitioner

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