The Class

A great combination class! Yang is Active; Yin is Passive. This class combines a yang (active) style of yoga, such as Power, Fusion, Grounding, Ashtanga, or Rocket, with a calming Yin yoga. The first majority of class will be your Yang practice followed by a short Yin practice. The type of yang being offered will always be indicated in the class title, e.g., Power Yang/Yin, Ashtanga Yang/Yin, etc. This class offers a great balance between the varying active yoga and the passive. It is truly an experience you do not want to miss!

The Teachers


Owner, teacher, and practitioner


Teacher and practitioner


Teacher and Practitioner

How do I know which Active Class to expect when I sign up to a Yang/Yin class?

The 'Active' class we offer in a Yang/Yin class will be mentioned in the name of the class. 'Power Yang/Yin' means your active class is a Power Vinyasa for the first part of class, followed by Yin, while an 'Ashtanga Yang/Yin' is an Ashtanga class combined with a Yin class.

Similar Classes

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