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September 16 | 2021

Restriction Exemption Program at Harvest Yoga Studio

To all of our valued clients,
Given the announcement from the Alberta government on Sept. 15th, we at Harvest Yoga Studio have made the decision to participate in the Restriction Exemption Program in order to continue our ability to run in-person classes. Not participating in this program would mean that we would have to close, so please know this is not a decision we take lightly. Below are the requirements of us and our clients in order to remain open.

How to attend in-person classes:

Option 1: Effective Monday, Sept 20th, all persons wanting to participate in in-person classes must provide a 'Proof of Vaccination' record. If you're not fully immunized, if you provide proof of single dose, that will be acceptable until Oct 25th, at which point both doses will be required. PLEASE NOTE: Proof of a single dose is only acceptable if it's older than 2 weeks before the date you're hoping to attend class. Eg. If you get your first dose on Monday, Sept 20th, the first date you're able to attend class is Monday, Oct 4th.

Option 2: If you are not vaccinated, and choose to remain unvaccinated, you must provide a negative PCR or Rapid test that is no older than 72 hours prior to the class

Option 3: If you have official documentation of a medical exemption, you can provide this to us in place of proof of vaccination or negative test results.

      Other things you need to know:

      If you are already vaccinated and can provide us with proof of vaccination before Monday, September 20th, you're welcome to do so.

      Masking will still be required in the studio until you get to your mat. Mats will remain 2m apart in the room.

      If you're feeling unwell, please do not come to the studio. Get a test, and isolate until you get a negative test result. If you need to 'late cancel' a class registration due to isolation requirements or illness, you will not be charged the $22 no-show fee. Please email or call to let us know this is the reason for a cancellation so that you do not get charged.

      We are still asking those coming to the studio to keep your distance from others while in the hallways/changerooms and to pracitce good hand hygiene.

         We know that these circumstances are far from ideal for everyone involved, and we understand that choosing whether or not you get vaccinated under these circumstances is very difficult. If anyone needs to reach out in regards to their membership, or any confusion about the requirements, please don't hesitate to email us at

        August 30 | 2021

        Becky's Yoga Practice at Harvest

        Yoga has become an incredibly important part of my life.  The funny thing is that I was terrified to take yoga.  I didn’t think I was flexible enough, or had a beautiful body, or the stamina to do it.  My daughter talked me into going with her to Harvest Yoga.  I said I didn’t think yoga was for me for all the above reasons and she told me it wasn’t like that.  So mostly because I love doing things with my daughter, I gave it a try.  I went with her to my first class, and I was not flexible, I did not have the best body in the room, and I couldn’t do all the moves, but I never once felt I was out of place or that I didn’t belong.  The instructors said up front, only do what you can do, take a rest when you need to, and most important of all, do not judge yourself.  I believe this set the groundwork for the feeling of community within the studio and belonging that is a big part of HYS.   What has stayed with me happened one day when an instructor told us all to stand and face the mirrors.  She told us to close our eyes and imagine ourselves beautiful.  She said when we open our eyes, we could choose what we saw in the mirror, and she hoped we would choose to see beautiful.  That is what Harvest Yoga is all about, it is an opportunity to develop physically, a time to re-connect with our thoughts, and a place for respite and renewal but most of all it is a chance to see beauty in ourselves and everything we do. 

        June 22 | 2021

        Reopening Harvest Yoga Studio

        We at Harvest Yoga Studio are looking forward to providing our practitioners with an environment that is not only welcoming, but also safe. Please know that we take the health and safety of our practitioners very seriously, and we ask that you do as well. Please be respectful of others when in the studio; give distance to your fellow yogis, and feel free to wear a mask when maintaining distance is difficult. 

        What we're doing:

        We are cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces in the common areas between classes, while also disinfecting the floor and any props that we provide for your practice. Because masking is no longer required, we have made the decision to maintain 2 metres distance between mats in the hot room. We hope this ensures the comfort of anyone coming to attend class. 
        Due to physical distancing in the Hot Room, we will have limited spaces available for every class. We recommend you pre-register for any class you plan on attending. It's not mandatory, but it's the only way we can guarantee you a space in the hot room. Any cancellations need to happen 2 hours before the start of class, to provide enough time for someone else to sign-up and participate. Any cancellations after this 2 hour window will be subject to a no-show charge of $22.

        For classes, we will open Harvest Yoga Studio to practitioners 15 minutes prior to the start of class so that you have time to come and get settled, perhaps warm-up in the hot room, or take some time for yourself to meditate before we begin.

        We know that not everyone is comfortable coming back and holding space together. For these people, please know that we completely understand. We will be here when you're ready to share your yoga in the hot room with us. Until then, all classes are live-streamed via Zoom, so that anyone with an active Harvest Community Membership, Welcome Membership, or Online Membership can access the class from home. Weekly emails are currently being sent out with links to the classes. If this interests you, please send us an email to sign up for the weekly links: Please know that this means when you attend a class, you may be visible on the webcam. This is done to ensure that access to our classes is as easy as possible.

        What you can do:

        Stay safe. Be responsible. we know that the emotions and thoughts surrounding the pandemic over the past year have been difficult to say the least. And we don't all see eye to eye on everything. All we ask is that, regardless of where you stand, you are respectful of others, and doing what you can to avoid physical contact with others while at the studio. 

        If you have any COVID symptoms, please do not come to the studio. Get a COVID test done and self-isolate until your results come back negative. 

        If you are sick and need to cancel your reservation for class, and it's after our 2-hour cancellation window, call to let us know it's due to illness. You will not be charged a cancellation fee.

        If you have any questions about the cleaning practices of the studio, feel free to reach out. If there are other concerns you have that we have not yet addressed, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are doing our best to ensure everyone feels as comfortable as possible here at Harvest. With all of that being said, we look forward to seeing you back on your mat with us!

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