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Catch up on our offerings here to learn more about some of the amazing people who came to Harvest, and to take a closer peak into everything the studio has to offer and values.

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June 19 | 2020

Reopening Harvest Yoga Studio

We at Harvest Yoga Studio are looking forward to providing our practitioners an environment that is not only welcoming, but also safe. Throughout all of this uncertainty, we are proud to reopen with the following guidelines in place. Please know that we take the health and safety of our practitioners very seriously, and we ask that you do as well. Out of respect for your fellow yogis, please read over these guidelines before every class you take, as new information is coming out daily, and we want to ensure everyone is on the same page. Looking forward to seeing you all soon, make sure to stay safe, wash your hands, and avoid touching your face. We'll see you on your mat.

Before coming to every class, please fill out this COVID Self-Assessment from the Government of Alberta.

If you have any symptoms, DO NOT come to the studio. Please get a COVID test done and self-isolate until your results come back negative. 

If you are sick and need to cancel your reservation for class, and it's after our 12-hour cancellation window, call to let us know it's due to illness. You will not be charged a cancellation fee. Please get a COVID test done, and wait for the negative results before coming to the studio.

For classes, we will open Harvest Yoga Studio to practitioners 10 minutes prior to the start of class.

We ask that you wear a mask at the studio when you are not in the Hot Room. This is to ensure the safety of all team members and practitioners in the areas where we cannot guarantee 6 ft distancing. A mask must be worn in the entryway, the change rooms, and the hallway before and after class.

When in the Hot Room, place your mat on one of the marked spots to maintain physical distancing between your neighbours. Then you can remove your mask. Please bring a Ziplock bag to put your mask in while you take class.  

Before leaving the Hot Room, please gather your belongings, put your mask on, and leave in an orderly fashion, maintaining distance between you and the other people leaving the space.

To prevent overflow of practitioners in the hallways and change rooms, we ask that you leave the studio within 15 minutes of the end of the class. This will allow us to clean all the necessary surfaces before the practitioners for the following class enter the space.

Try to limit the use of change rooms and washrooms as much as possible, and when in these spaces, please keep distance between yourself and others. 

Please bring your own mat, yoga towel, and filled water bottle with you when you come to practice, as we will not be offering rentals at this time. You're welcome to bring your own blocks and straps if you have them, as props will currently not be provided. These are not required for the classes, but can often make your practice more comfortable. We have all of these things for purchase at the studio.

Due to physical distancing in the Hot Room, we will have limited spaces available for every class. As such, it is mandatory that you pre-register for any class you plan on attending. Any cancellations need to happen 2 hours before the start of class, to provide enough time for someone else to sign-up and participate. Any cancellations after this 2 hour window will be subject to a no-show charge of $22.

All classes will now be live-streamed via Zoom, so that anyone with an active Harvest Community Membership, Welcome Membership, or Online Membership can access the class from home if space is not available. Daily emails are currently being sent out with links to the classes. Please know that this means when you attend a class, you may be visible on the webcam. This is done to ensure that access to our classes is as easy as possible.

Any children that want to take a class will be more than welcome, as long as they understand the studio policies. Please know that, due to the reduced number of practitioners in the Hot Room, the cost for anyone to take the class is that of an adult. For the time being, kids pricing will not be available.

Due to the safety of everyone in the space, we are asking that parents who used to bring their kids to wait in the reception area no longer do so.

July 29 | 2019

Opportunity: instructors and practitioner service representative

Hi everyone!

We are excited to share that we are looking to bring on new instructors and a practitioner service representative. Please see the descriptions for both positions below. If you or someone you know is interested, please forward resumes to The positions will be open for applications until August 18th, at which time we will contact applicants. 

Please feel free to share this widely with anyone you think may be a good fit.



AVAILABLE HOURS: evenings 4:45pm – 9:30pm // weekends 9:15am – 2pm


At least 1 years of customer service experience

Must fit the Harvest Yoga Studio culture!

Customer focused: Serving with compassion, respect, and a sense of humour

Dependable, accountable, and responsible

Proactive problem solver

Ability to stay calm and collected in a fast pace environment



Professional, polite, and friendly

Extremely comfortable with computers and software

Willingness to learn all things about Harvest Yoga Studio

Passionate about personal well-being and helping others achieve it

Interested in and passionate about yoga


  • Champion Harvest Yoga Studio culture by upholding the studio’s core values and leading by example
  • Give exceptional guest experience to everyone
  • Welcome new and returning practitioners to the studio, always with a focus on ensuring everyone feels comfortable and at home
  • Assist all guests with memberships, class information and schedule, and overall yoga etiquette
  • Maintain a regular yoga practice at the studio
  • Maintain the studio environment and guest accounts
  • Assist practitioners and all team members as needed
  • Promote Harvest Yoga Studio community
  • Support all retention activities
  • Keep track of performance and submit report to Management



AVAILABLE HOURS: mornings 6am – 1pm // evenings 4pm – 8:30pm // weekends 8:30am – 5:30pm


Must have a 200 YTT certification, at minimum

Passionate about learning about and bringing yoga to Lethbridge community members

Practitioner focused: leading with compassion, knowledge, integrity, and a sense of humour

Dependable, accountable, and responsible

Someone who is open to constructive feedback, who can be self-reflective and open to trying new teaching approaches

Must fit the Harvest Yoga Studio culture

Proactive in their approach to practitioner care and connection

Ability to stay calm and collected in a fast pace environment



Professional, polite, and friendly

Extremely comfortable with people

Willingness to learn all things about Harvest Yoga Studio

Passionate about personal well-being and helping others achieve it

Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate a strong desire to develop their teachings skills and expand their teaching knowledge. Previous teaching experience is valued, but not necessary for application.


  • Champion Harvest Yoga Studio culture by upholding the studio’s core values and leading by example
  • Give exceptional class experiences to all who attend class
  • Welcome new and returning practitioners to the studio, always with a focus on ensuring everyone feels comfortable and at home
  • Assist all guests with their practices, both in and out of the practice room
  • Maintain a regular yoga practice at the studio
  • Assist practitioners and all team members as needed

January 29 | 2019

Natalie's Journey: Fitness, Diabetes, and Finding What Works

Hi everyone!

Natalie has been at the studio for a few years and offered to share her story with us all. She is a self-described "gym rat", but since joining the studio has found that yoga is the ideal activity for her, an active woman who loves exercise and uses it as a tool to manage her health.

Please enjoy Natalie's story in her own words below!

My journey: From gym-rat to yogi!

Having a strong consistent workout routine has been a big part of my life for the last twenty years. Working out to me is non-negotiable. Like daily oral hygiene, it's something that just gets done without hesitation. I workout not only for aesthetic reasons but also because I am a type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetic. Being physically fit has many benefits to helping me stay healthy in the present and also to avoid complications from this disease.

I've done every form of exercise out there. Running, weight training, cycling, old fashioned aerobic group style classes, mind numbing cardio sessions on stair masters. You name it, I've done it! I've always had a gym membership and usually to facilities that include all of the above. Years and years of high impact aerobics, weight training and running have really taken a toll on my body. Having dealt with issues like tendinitis in my hands and having runners knees, I decided it was time time to start including consistent yoga in my life and for now leaving all other forms of exercise behind. Presently I do not belong to a gym! I have included yoga before but not as a consistent practice until I started a heated practice at Harvest Yoga Studio in Lethbridge. 

Every time I do a hot yoga class I feel I leave with so many benefits. I feel so much stronger than I would have from doing bicep curls because I'm engaging multiple muscle groups at one time. The temperature of the room has made me mentally stronger and able to adapt easier to uncomfortable situations, and the mediative aspect has helped me to become less impatient and able to live in the moment. There are many other benefits but that's just to name a few.

Being diabetic and in the 21st century, I manage my life with all sorts of gadgets. I won't get into that to much because that would take a long time, but basically I'm half human, half robot. (cyborg). While in a yoga studio it's frowned upon to have anything in class other than your mat, towel and water, you will see me with my black gadgets that could be mistaken for a smartphone. Sometimes if I run out of my glucose tablets you may even see me with a box of sweet tarts. I also may beep from time to time (cyborg).

Being fully committed to my yoga practice and daily reaping the rewards, I believe there is something in yoga that can benefit anyone, even with extra challenges or insecurities. Harvest  is welcoming, friendly, and offers a safe and rewarding practice space for everyone. I feel really fortunate to have this studio so close to me in my community. I love meeting new people and putting names to faces so if you see me in class feel free to say "hi" afterwards!

April 26 | 2019

A family saved by living kidney donation

At Harvest, we offer a monthly Karma yoga class. The purpose of these classes is to raise money for causes close to the heart of our studio. Previous causes have include the DLA Program at Victoria Park High School, which supports students with mental health concerns, and the Feed the Need program, which provides food to those in need throughout the Lethbridge community.

Throughout the spring and summer of 2019, our Karma classes will be raising funds to support one of our practitioners, Jay, and her family in their goal of completing the Kidney March. Please read on to learn more about Jay and her family, and why this cause is close to their, and our, heart.

From Jay:

In 2008, my brother Jimmy was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Granulomatosis with polyangiitis. This autoimmune disease is an uncommon disorder that causes inflammation of the blood vessels in your nose, sinuses, throat, lungs and kidneys. It slows blood flow to some of your organs. The affected tissues can develop areas of inflammation called granulomas, which can affect how these organs work. My brother has been living with the disease since then. There is no cure. 

Jimmy was doing well and managing the disease with medication until November 2017 when his kidneys suddenly failed. He was hospitalized and remained there throughout the Christmas season. His kidneys were functioning at less than 6% during this time. He struggled with a few types of dialysis and endured several surgeries. By the new year he was on hemodialysis 3 days a week. 

In the new year my mom began getting tested for kidney donation. After several months, and rounds of testing, we found out she was a match! Jimmy had a date set for September 2018. The process came to a crashing halt in the summer when the doctors discovered that Jimmy’s heart was not strong enough to withstand surgery. At this time they were able to switch him to night dialysis and he began taking some new medication in hopes of strengthening his heart. At this time it was functioning at 27%. 

In January 2019 our family was blessed when all the stars aligned and my mom successfully donated her kidney to my brother. The two are recovering very well and we are all incredibly thankful for the kidney foundation. The three of us, along with Jimmy’s girlfriend and her sister all decided to participate in the Kidney march this fall!

The Kidney March is a 100km trek in 3 days to raise money and awareness for the kidney foundation. We have started training and we are all incredibly excited for this journey!

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