June 19 | 2020

Reopening Harvest Yoga Studio

We at Harvest Yoga Studio are looking forward to providing our practitioners an environment that is not only welcoming, but also safe. Throughout all of this uncertainty, we are proud to reopen with the following guidelines in place. Please know that we take the health and safety of our practitioners very seriously, and we ask that you do as well. Out of respect for your fellow yogis, please read over these guidelines before every class you take, as new information is coming out daily, and we want to ensure everyone is on the same page. Looking forward to seeing you all soon, make sure to stay safe, wash your hands, and avoid touching your face. We'll see you on your mat.

Before coming to every class, please fill out this COVID Self-Assessment from the Government of Alberta.

If you have any symptoms, DO NOT come to the studio. Please get a COVID test done and self-isolate until your results come back negative. 

If you are sick and need to cancel your reservation for class, and it's after our 12-hour cancellation window, call to let us know it's due to illness. You will not be charged a cancellation fee. Please get a COVID test done, and wait for the negative results before coming to the studio.

For classes, we will open Harvest Yoga Studio to practitioners 10 minutes prior to the start of class.

We ask that you wear a mask at the studio when you are not in the Hot Room. This is to ensure the safety of all team members and practitioners in the areas where we cannot guarantee 6 ft distancing. A mask must be worn in the entryway, the change rooms, and the hallway before and after class.

When in the Hot Room, place your mat on one of the marked spots to maintain physical distancing between your neighbours. Then you can remove your mask. Please bring a Ziplock bag to put your mask in while you take class.  

Before leaving the Hot Room, please gather your belongings, put your mask on, and leave in an orderly fashion, maintaining distance between you and the other people leaving the space.

To prevent overflow of practitioners in the hallways and change rooms, we ask that you leave the studio within 15 minutes of the end of the class. This will allow us to clean all the necessary surfaces before the practitioners for the following class enter the space.

Try to limit the use of change rooms and washrooms as much as possible, and when in these spaces, please keep distance between yourself and others. 

Please bring your own mat, yoga towel, and filled water bottle with you when you come to practice, as we will not be offering rentals at this time. You're welcome to bring your own blocks and straps if you have them, as props will currently not be provided. These are not required for the classes, but can often make your practice more comfortable. We have all of these things for purchase at the studio.

Due to physical distancing in the Hot Room, we will have limited spaces available for every class. As such, it is mandatory that you pre-register for any class you plan on attending. Any cancellations need to happen 2 hours before the start of class, to provide enough time for someone else to sign-up and participate. Any cancellations after this 2 hour window will be subject to a no-show charge of $22.

All classes will now be live-streamed via Zoom, so that anyone with an active Harvest Community Membership, Welcome Membership, or Online Membership can access the class from home if space is not available. Daily emails are currently being sent out with links to the classes. Please know that this means when you attend a class, you may be visible on the webcam. This is done to ensure that access to our classes is as easy as possible.

Any children that want to take a class will be more than welcome, as long as they understand the studio policies. Please know that, due to the reduced number of practitioners in the Hot Room, the cost for anyone to take the class is that of an adult. For the time being, kids pricing will not be available.

Due to the safety of everyone in the space, we are asking that parents who used to bring their kids to wait in the reception area no longer do so.

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