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Offering a friendly and welcoming environment in a beautiful space, Harvest Yoga Studio strives to provide everyone a one-of-a-kind yoga experience. Our classes are diverse, offering something for everyone, taught by professional and fantastic teachers. The first timer to the experienced practitioner is welcome at any time, so come in and try a class. You'll find what it is you've been searching for.

Is it your first time to Harvest?


Our aim as a studio is to give our practitioners a place to care for themselves. Whether you are looking for a work out or a space for you to take time for yourself, we strive to help you achieve this goal.

As a thank you to our practitioners on our Harvest Community Membership, we offer a Rewards Program. We have partnered with local businesses who have supported us throughout the years, and who's products we know and love. Anyone on our Harvest Community Membership gets access to the following gifts to other local businesses:

Lorna Jane - 20% off purchases made at the studio

Luum Salon - 20% off all services

Photography by Tanya Plonka - $50 off private photography session

Plum Restaurant - 15% off food and alcohol

First Time to Harvest?

Not sure what to expect from your experience? Below are a few helpful pointers to ensure that you have the best experience with us.

Classes range from 40 minutes to 90 minutes. Class length is indicated on our schedule.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early if it is your first as you'll have some brief paperwork to complete. Arriving 15 minutes early will also ensure that you aren't feeling rushed to get into your practice room.  

Classes begin at the indicated start time. You are not guaranteed entry into the class if you arrive late. 

All classes are considered beginner and everyone is welcome.

Our classes range from non-heated to warm to hot. Please see our different class descriptions to learn more about the variety of styles and heats we offer at Harvest, or call/email us at the studio with any questions you may have.

Yoga is about stretching the muscles as well as massaging and stimulating all the organs, glands, and systems of your body and restoring them to healthy working order, just as nature intended.

Try to stay in the room once the class has begun. There are multiple reasons for this but the main one is so that the teacher can take care of you. No matter what happens in the class, the teacher is there to get you through it.

The only items you need in the room are your yoga mat, towel, water, and an open mind.

Hatha yoga is considered a wide eyed silent moving meditation. We ask that once in the hot room it is a silent time for people to reconnect with themselves and any conversations should be left outside the room.

We strongly recommend reserving classes online. However please note that if you are not able to attend the class you must cancel at least two hours prior to the class time starting or this will result in either a loss of a class on your class card or a single drop-in fee ($10 for big room, $20 for small room) if you are am unlimited member.


We strive to offer a welcoming and safe environment for everyone.

Please be on time for your class, as it is not guaranteed that you will be able to attend class if you arrive late.

Please keep talking in the practice rooms to a minimum.

Facility FAQ

1. The entire facility is 4000sq.ft.

2. The Hot Yoga Room is 1400sq.ft. with 8ft. mirrors lining two walls.

3. The Hot Room has Flotex Flooring which is a slip-resistant, sanitized anti-microbial treated floor.

4. The women’s change room includes 3 individual showers, 3 bathroom stalls, 1 private change room, and a large changing area with vanity counter.

5. The men’s change room includes two individual showers,1 bathroom stall, 1 urinal and a changing area.

6. Mat racks to clean and let your mat dry while you change so that it is always ready for your next class.

7. A filtered water sink is also provided so bringing your own water bottle is recommended to help save the planet.

8. A retail area at the front of the studio provides all your yoga essentials. Clothing, yoga mats, yoga towels, water bottles, and much more.

9. Kids yoga room for children under the age of 13 years old is non-heated, with mirrors and Flotex Flooring.

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