Jessica Parker

Owner, manager, and practitioner

I found Harvest Yoga Studio (back when it was Hot Yoga Lethbridge) at a time in my life when I needed something. What I needed, I wasn’t exactly sure of, but I was yearning of something. At first, I thought I just needed to get in touch with my body. I grew up dancing and aged out of it around 18, and since then had yet to find a form of physical activity that gave me a feeling of connection to myself, which is one of the things I missed most about dance. When I started practicing, I began to feel the beginnings of that connection to myself return – body awareness, a tuning into myself in a familiar and not so forgotten way. Not too long after I found my practice, things in my life became unstable. I began seeking a relationship that was not healthy and distracted me from what mattered most in my life. And it ultimately distracted me from caring for myself. Yoga was the only thing that seemed to help me during this time. Even if everything outside of the practice room was a mess, I could come to a place where I knew people would be kind to me, where I knew the teachers would offer me support, and where I knew it was safe for me to face my struggles. There were many times when I would cry while practicing, and no one ever made me feel judged for this. In fact, they told me it was normal and something to be grateful for.

During a period of career transition, I realized that this feeling of being okay in the midst of struggle, being okay while trying something new and challenging, and the reassurance that it’s okay to not be okay, was something I wanted to provide others with. And this is how I ended up owning and operating Harvest Yoga Studio with Pauline.

My yoga practice is always changing, but it has become a constant in my life. At Harvest, I know that there is always a dedicated teacher to guide me through a class, and to offer insights about my habits – yes, you’ll often find me sitting out the first set of Standing Bow in 26 & 2 (thanks for pointing this out about two years ago, Claire!). I have found that my yoga practice brings a sense of balance to my life - emotionally, mentally, and physically - during times when things are stable, and in times when life gets a bit more challenging.

I hope that everyone who comes and shares their practice with us here at Harvest is able to find some of the benefits that I have found. Being able to provide people with a community and space to discover these benefits for themselves is a gift that I am thankful for every day.

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